Storage Post chooses Platform28’s Communications-as-a-Service solution to support their expanding, geographically distributed self-storage business

By admin, Platform28 on November 19, 2013
For Storage Post, data collection and analytics has always been key to the growth and profitability of their business. It provides valuable insight that enables them to maximize revenue and successfully market to their customer base. In order to extract this information, it was critical they were able to integrate data from multiple sources, such as their POS system, Google Analytics, Sugar CRM, their Financial GL system and their VOIP telephony/ contact center solution. The initial VOIP telephony system Storage Post implemented could not effectively scale to meet the demands of their growing business.
  • Their current vendor did not offer an integrated Contact Center solution
  • Their current vendor was unable to offer the level of support and customization Storage Post needed
  • Their current vendor could not provide the data and analytics Storage Post required
  • Storage Post experienced connection and quality issues with their service – often leading to day-long outages

When Jackson Wilson, Storage Post’s CTO, came on board in the spring of 2010, it was clear to him that the current system was not feasible long-term. They were unable to troubleshoot issues with the system, and it was impossible to integrate the different elements of the makeshift solution to effectively access the critical business information they needed. The combination of these key issues led them to seek a new communications solutions partner.

Communications Solution

Wilson’s mandate on joining Storage Post was to bring on a new call center. When he first came on board, the timeline to deploy a new Contact Center solution was 18 months. However, the business environment quickly dictated that timeline be expedited. In just 11 months and Mr. Wilson’s careful evaluation of two providers, Storage Post awarded the contract for their new Communications-as-a-Solution, to Platform28.

“The new Communications-as-a-Service solution had to meet our integration and configuration requirements. Platform28 won out on their data integration capabilities,” Mr. Wilson said. He went on to say “it was also important to us that the provider we chose was always looking to improve their product. We were impressed by Platform28’s commitment to add customizations to their product based on applying learnings from across their customer base, thereby adding value to their general product offering”.

The Platform28 Contact Center solution easily integrated different technologies from different providers. It also featured an intelligent IVR that optimized callers’ experience by allowing them to input their phone number and receive the appropriate service based on their status – existing vs. new customers. The system offered multi-lingual support and the ability to play store location and address information. Storage Post was now able to create dashboards that conveyed key business information and provided the much-needed access to their data and analytics. The Platform28 Communications solution easily scales to meet their changing business needs. The platform supports a geographically distributed workforce – agents can use the terminal software and work from home, and Executives often take home VOIP phones that give them the flexibility to work remotely. These factors contribute to significant cost-savings for Storage Post.

“Platform28 is a good partner. They have great customer support and are flexible to work with. For example, we operate ‘Best Practical Request Tracker’, an open source ticketing system” Mr. Wilson explained, “when our stores cannot log onto their PC to log a ticket, they call an 800 number that is programmed to go to voicemail. The voicemail converts into an email that goes to an account the ticket system monitors. The system then dispatches a ticket to our IT department for resolution. Platform28 supports this integration which is very important to us”.

The Benefits of a CaaS from Platform28

The Platform28 hosted Contact Center solution is flexible and allows Storage Post to easily integrate their multitude of data sources and effectively extract the information they need that is critical to their Customer Lifecycle Marketing initiatives. Platform28 also provides the consistent, high level of customer support Storage Post needs. “The escalation path is clear whenever we have a technical issue or question; I can get hold of someone whenever I need them” Mr. Wilson said.

The cloud communications solution enables Storage Post to scale as needed, depending on changing business requirements, and it supports flexible work locations, which enable the company to realize cost efficiencies. The Platform28 solution is easy to deploy, reducing IT dependency. Platform28 offers an adaptable, fully integrated communications solution – Contact Center, PBX, IVR and Network Call Routing. Storage Post is able to deploy the features they need, on demand.

About Storage Post

Storage Post is an established self-storage provider headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with facilities in New York, New Jersey, Georgia and Louisiana. Storage Post is committed to offering high quality facilities, quality standards and excellent customer service.

About Platform28

Platform28 provides a scalable cloud communications solution for Carriers, Government Agencies, Enterprises and Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs). We combine Multichannel Contact Center, PBX, IVR, and Network Call Routing into a single platform that easily integrates with back-end systems and social media services such as Twitter. Organizations seeking a communications provider with large-scale proven deployment experience and a history of delivering improved business productivity choose Platform28.

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