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Flexibility & Transparency

Flexibility & Transparency

You can quickly and easily upgrade to a higher tier or purchase add-ons as your business grows. Alternatively, we can create your very own custom plan to meet your unique needs.

Sensible Pricing

Sensible Pricing

At Platform28, we believe that great solutions shouldn’t cost a fortune. Our plans start at as little as $50 a month, allowing you to maximize your ROI without stretching your budget.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Rival solutions require you to hire costly developers to maintain your contact center platform. With Platform28, we take care of it all, from integrating our CX technology to creating new reports and adding users — all for a fraction of the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are users counted, as named or concurrent?

You can select either named user licenses or concurrent licenses. In our named licensing model you’re charged for each named during a billing period. In our concurrent licensing model, you’re charged for the maximum number of concurrent (simultaneous) users during a billing period. Most customers prefer a concurrent licensing model.

Does support cost extra?

No, support doesn’t cost extra.

What is the onboarding period?

When implementing Platform28, we provide an “onboarding period” for training and configuring the platform before your subscription begins. Your subscription term begins immediately after your onboarding phase ends.

How do you protect customer data?

We combine enterprise-class security features with comprehensive audits of our to ensure customer and business data is always protected. Take a look at the security measures we take to protect your business and your customers.

What resources are available to ensure I am getting the most out of Platform28?

Customers on any Platform28 CX plan have access to online, email, and phone support.  Additionally, prescriptive guidance and on-demand training are also available to ensure your team's success.

When does my Platform28 Cloud CX subscription start?

Your Platform28 CX plan subscription begins after the onboarding period.

Does Platform28 integrate with other applications and systems?

We have pre-built apps and integrations. Additionally you can also build almost anything you want on top of Platform28 via our API.

Does Platform28 have a minimum monthly commitment?

After the implementation period the Platform28 CX platform has a minimum commitment of $1,500 per month.

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