The only enterprise contact center platform architected for the cloud from the ground up.

Massively scaleable. Always available. Where security is never a concern.

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Always Active

Distributed database structure is natively architected for the cloud to be continuously available, infinitely scalable and always active — no downtime, planned or otherwise.

  • Proven 100% reliable, that means Platform28 is always at your service.
  • Flexible enough to react to demand and scale linearly, and that means scale out, not up.
  • No planned downtime, no server outage, never miss an opportunity to engage with your customer.

World-Class CEX

We're dedicated to helping our clients help their customers better than ever before by providing what we believe is a world-class Communication as a Services platform —It's our brand promise to you!

  • Helping customers think in new ways to streamline communications
  • Maximizing multichannel access to customer needs
  • We bring in all the customer data and profile information you need to help your agents make the right decisions with your customer
  • 5 years, no major critical tickets or breach of SLAs. And counting!

Open Architecture

Not rigid, built for the cloud to be agile, open & inherently flexible. It's our philosophy to structure and integrate everything we do internally with REST API. And we apply that same thinking to integrate with all your systems.

  • Easy integration, implementation and open to your imagination.
  • Arm your agent to deliver a better customer experience
  • Empowers you to think beyond your current communication limitations

Foolproof Security

Security should never be a concern — data separation and encryption ensures data security. We think about it this way: Tokenize. Encrypt. Separate. And Repeat.

  • The most advanced security capabilities in the industry, offering highly granular tokenization, encryption and data separation capabilities.
  • PII is never housed in the platform: it simply travels through the system, is tracked, used to help solve an incident and then passes through.
600m+Interactions Each Month
100%Continuous Availability
+5 yearsNo Major or Critical Tickets

100% Availability24/7 Access360° Customer Views

A beautiful place for your CEX to live.

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Inspiring Customer Service Employees to Want to Learn and Grow

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Contact Center Technology: Build, Migrate to the Cloud or Sit Out While New Solutions Evolve Rapidly

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Built for the Cloud vs Hosted in the Cloud

Most companies have realized the benefits of moving their call center solution to the cloud. Analyst studies provide clear indications that all growth in the contact center market is in the cloud. It’s becoming clear to customer engagement and technology leaders that to respond to customer demands, improve speed and lower costs, the cloud provides … Continue reading Built for the Cloud vs Hosted in the Cloud

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