Agent Engagement

Omnichannel Manager: Your Agents at Their Best

Your agents are your frontline warriors. Your first line of defense. The face of your company. The impression they make on customers will largely determine their perception of your business as a whole.

How your employees interact with customers depends on how well you manage them — which is why you want to arm yourself with the best tools out there.

Omnichannel Manager

Best-In Class Performance
Management in 4 Simple Steps

  1. Measure key metrics — average talk time, first call resolution, customer satisfaction, and more — based on surveys, individual call recordings, and other performance data.
  2. Automatically generate detailed, actionable reports, which you can view and analyze on user-friendly dashboards.
  3. Rate agent performance on standardized scorecards.
  4. Manage and train your employees, increase agent engagement, and improve customer experience with our coaching and retention apps.
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Use the Omnichannel Manager To

Track Agent Performance Live

Monitor workforce performance in real time and address issues as they arise.

Company Culture
Create a Happy Company Culture

Happy agents create happy customers.
Use our tools to coach, train, and engage with your employees.

how to retain your best people
Retain Your Best People

A supportive work environment and personalized management can help you keep your best employees for a long time to come.

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