Speech-Enabled IVR


The right information is the currency for client satisfaction.

With Speech-Enabled IVR, listen to what they need first hand, and get them quickly to the right answers.

With features such as accurate speech recognition, touch-tone selection and caller prompts, Platform28 Speech-Enabled IVR allows organizations to effectively process high call volumes and reduce the frustration callers experience waiting for an agent for extended periods of time.

The expanded menus of self-service options and the ability for inbound callers to immediately select either voice recognition or touch-tone to navigate the system, provides callers with timely accessibility to information in the way that they choose. This level of optimized call-routing capabilities results in increased customer satisfaction and lower operational costs.

Speech-Enabled IVR effectively gets the caller to the information they are looking for, in many cases, without the need for an agent (checking account balances, order status etc.), which reduces personnel costs.

Digitally listen with Speech-Enabled IVR and get your customers information fast.

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