Platform28’s IVR helps your customers minimize the quest to the right person.

Your consumer demands action. Our IVR gathers all the right information to get them to the right resource—fast.

Simplified IVR keeps your business running smoothly with minimal IT reliance. Run your CEX, IT doesn’t have to dictate it.

A smart IVR is a simple IVR — one that quickly routes the caller to the available resource best equipped to effectively handle the call. Platform28’s IVR will get the customers to the right person the first time around. Forget about never ending “zero dialers” that kill productivity.

Best of all, complicated setup and configuration doesn’t exist with Platform28. Forget about large and technical programming projects that drain your IT resources. Our IVR is simple and easy to set up. No technical background needed. IVR should make your business run smoother and help you make your customers happy. Platform28’s IVR will make running your system that much simpler.

Business Intelligence

You want a true 360 degree view of your customer. Our REST API enabled analytics, data viz dashboard and reporting tools will help your team understand how to connect to your customer and understand their needs.


Our cloud-based architecture allows us to scale horizontally, without major IT hardware capital costs. So when you need more capacity, the Platform28 cloud helps your business match demand and scale — quickly.


Our REST API architecture lets all of your programs talk to each so that your business can serve your clients the way they expect. Integrate your CRM — Salesforce, or anything — with Platform28 and watch productivity soar.

Distributed Architecture

Our 100% carrier grade architecture makes downtime — planned or unplanned — a thing of the past. Never go down, never lose time, never lose business. Connect to multiple, synchronous servers with all your data at your fingertips.


Platform 28 Extensible Security keeps personal data personal while allowing temporary access to boost CEX

No private data is ever stored locally

All data processed by our platform is tokenized: broken apart, jumbled, and replaced with “non-sensitive equivalents”. With your clients’ sensitive data scattered and piecemeal it is of no use to anyone. The tokenized data is also then encrypted for extra level of security.

Plus, with Platform28 data centers, we offer a powerful data separation environment, where personal data is shared across several dedicated servers and is Always Active and accessible by your business with REST API. This works for dynamic or contextual data collected in-route while a customer interact with your IVR or specialists. In each of these cases the data simply uses the pipes we build to funnel the tokens separately, coming back together only to reveal pertinent info by right or privilege.

The important things to remember about Platform28 Extensible Security are:
  • Data processed through our software is not only tokenized (broken apart) and made hack-proof, it’s shielded by even more security measures.
  • PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is never actually housed within our software.
  • Information is collected, routed, used, and then it passes through our systems like it was never there.
  • The data is never actually stored together, if at all, and is simply accessed to help Customer Service Agents do their job optimally.

Platform28 Extensible Security will change your opinion of how secure the cloud can be.


Self-Service IVR that truly elevates CEX.

Serve your customers by guiding them to the right places, people or information.

Platform28 personalized self-service IVR allows customers to access the information they need when they want, via its feature-rich self-service functionality

Self Service IVR:

  • Shortens call times
  • Improves deflection rates
  • Reduces misrouted calls
  • Enhances customer experience

The system carefully guides users through the extensive menu of easily customizable routing options and reduces the number of calls that require agent handling. Any previously collected customer information is utilized during the call to play a personalized greeting and present information such as account balance etc. to callers.

Self-Service IVR gets them to where they need to go, fast!


The right information is the currency for client satisfaction.

With Speech-Enabled IVR, listen to what they need first hand, and get them quickly to the right answers.

With features such as accurate speech recognition, touch-tone selection and caller prompts, Platform28 Speech-Enabled IVR allows organizations to effectively process high call volumes and reduce the frustration callers experience waiting for an agent for extended periods of time.

The expanded menus of self-service options and the ability for inbound callers to immediately select either voice recognition or touch-tone to navigate the system, provides callers with timely accessibility to information in the way that they choose. This level of optimized call-routing capabilities results in increased customer satisfaction and lower operational costs.

Speech-Enabled IVR effectively gets the caller to the information they are looking for, in many cases, without the need for an agent (checking account balances, order status etc.), which reduces personnel costs.

Digitally listen with Speech-Enabled IVR and get your customers information fast.


Convenience is everything — IVR with Variable-Based Routing personalizes their experience.

Customized variables provide your customers the right options to get the help they need.

The best known example of variable based routing goes something like this: “Please say or enter…” But the dialog options are practically limitless.

Platform28 IVR enables customers to enter voice or DTMF responses. Whatever is easier for that particular caller works with the variable system. Those responses can then be used to drive further questions within the IVR, enable interactions with 3rd party resources (account lookup, order entry, etc.) or route calls to agents based on variables collected as well as from external data sources.

The best IVR choices include all the options, including robust Variable-Based Routing.


Connecting with your customer builds trust.

The more you know about your customer, the better you can serve them, and that means Data Capture.

Data Capture Solutions and “lookup” transform simple phone interactions to rich, unique experiences that can be customized to each user. These features form key elements of Platform28’s advanced IVR solution that create the foundation for enhanced customer experience.

Use the complete Platform28 IVR system to capturing customer data such as:

  • Account information
  • Preferred salutation or language
  • Important dates
  • Topics of conversation

The more data revealed by the customer during IVR interaction, the speedier the human interaction and that means improved customer satisfaction.

Improve the high, personal touch — build trust with Platform28 Data Capture Solutions.


With Business Continuity you’ll never need to run in “emergency” mode.

When everything you do is built around Carrier Grade 100% availability, continuity is a given.

Using our Platform is like having access to thousands of back up generators that are always running and ready to fire up in a split instance. We say it and mean it here: No downtime ever — planned or unplanned.

Platform28 delivers business continuity features to organizations with the most demanding uptime requirements: government agencies, including emergency services, enterprise customers with 24×7 response times, and telcos.

Our multiple geographically diverse data centers, with N+1 architecture to ensure redundancy within and between centers, so scale up, scale down and never worry. And that means your business is up and running always: 24/7/365. Platform28 maintains real-time high speed syncing with dynamic routing and distribution rules.

At Platform28, we’ve had no breach in SLAs for over 5 years — continuity is a guiding principle.