SaaS and PaaS in One

By admin, Platform28 on October 26, 2016

If you work in or near technology at all, you’ve likely heard of and probably used both SaaS and PaaS. Both are relatively new, as new as “the cloud” is to being really mainstream in hosting data, apps, and software for large and small businesses alike.  According to Wikipedia, these two terms are defined as follows.

No Hardware, No Software

If you’ve used Google Docs or GMail, you’ve used SaaS. Also, if you’ve deployed a website or a software application on Amazon Web Services (AWS), you’ve used PaaS. Each has its major advantages depending on the type of technology service you’re offering or using. The most notable advantage for both is that there are no servers required in your location and no software to be downloaded to use the service.

Now, what happens when you combine SaaS and PaaS? Ultimate flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. That’s what we set out to do – and did! – when we built the Platform28 customer engagement center system. We built it from scratch in the cloud. We created Platform28 as a platform on which developers can build, augment, or add to our feature set. And, we built it as software as a service that is both inexpensive and scalable for enterprise customers.

What It All Means

For our customers, it means you use and pay for the software only in the amount that you use it, measured by actual users. And, for those customers who have specialized requirements (which is, of course, everyone because no two customers are exactly alike), our platform offers you the ability to build your software out to your specific needs, either through adding custom software or by using our API to connect to your CRM or other engagement tool. Any customer can scale to meet all their customer engagement center needs and mold the system to fit the way they do business.

That’s the advantage of combining two of the most powerful and defining uses of technology in our lifetime: software that scales built and utilized on a platform that scales as you need them.

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