Platform28 PBX is guaranteed to help grow your CEX as your company grows.

Can a PBX solution really deliver happier customers? Absolutely. Increase customer satisfaction and boost productivity, as well.

Put customer satisfaction first with PBX solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Keeping customers happy is priority number one for business and PBX solutions from Platform28 can increase customer satisfaction and retention. By understanding what your customers want from you, Platform28 delivers PBX solutions for the Enterprise. Reduce hold time, get your customers talking to the right person at the right time, and make sure that your team has the right tools solve problems the first time around.

Platform28 provides scaling to support large organizations (tens of thousands), so that businesses are able to try to new tools and know that what they are buying will make them successful. Pick one feature or get them all. Our modular tool can be deployed together or with only individual features. Choose what you need and most importantly, what will keep your customers happy.

Business Intelligence

You want a true 360 degree view of your customer. Our REST API enabled analytics, data viz dashboard and reporting tools will help your team understand how to connect to your customer and understand their needs.


Our cloud-based architecture allows us to scale horizontally, without major IT hardware capital costs. So when you need more capacity, the Platform28 cloud helps your business match demand and scale — quickly.


Our REST API architecture lets all of your programs talk to each so that your business can serve your clients the way they expect. Integrate your CRM — Salesforce, or anything — with Platform28 and watch productivity soar.

Distributed Architecture

Our 100% carrier grade architecture makes downtime — planned or unplanned — a thing of the past. Never go down, never lose time, never lose business. Connect to multiple, synchronous servers with all your data at your fingertips.


Platform 28 Extensible Security keeps personal data personal while allowing temporary access to boost CEX

No private data is ever stored locally

All data processed by our platform is tokenized: broken apart, jumbled, and replaced with “non-sensitive equivalents”. With your clients’ sensitive data scattered and piecemeal it is of no use to anyone. The tokenized data is also then encrypted for extra level of security.

Plus, with Platform28 data centers, we offer a powerful data separation environment, where personal data is shared across several dedicated servers and is Always Active and accessible by your business with REST API. This works for dynamic or contextual data collected in-route while a customer interact with your IVR or specialists. In each of these cases the data simply uses the pipes we build to funnel the tokens separately, coming back together only to reveal pertinent info by right or privilege.

The important things to remember about Platform28 Extensible Security are:
  • Data processed through our software is not only tokenized (broken apart) and made hack-proof, it’s shielded by even more security measures.
  • PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is never actually housed within our software.
  • Information is collected, routed, used, and then it passes through our systems like it was never there.
  • The data is never actually stored together, if at all, and is simply accessed to help Customer Service Agents do their job optimally.

Platform28 Extensible Security will change your opinion of how secure the cloud can be.


Phones for the Enterprise: Scalable, feature rich and unquestionably secure.

Support your business growth with a PBX communications platform that’s born to scale.

Platform28 PBX is cost effective and designed to support the demands of our enterprise customers, including stringent data security and compliance requirements. We leverage native SIP-based environment, allowing voice and data to run over the same network connection.

1. Almost every PBX tools that your business needs is available and creating a custom solution has never been easier.

Our features-rich solutions gives you the ability to pick and choose whatever you need.

2. Manage voice and data quality.

Our SIP-based environment allows voice and data to share the network. Business intelligence gives you the ability to visualize network strength and makes you more proactive.

3. Most business don’t have the capability for a full forklift replacement of legacy solutions.

Scale up (or down) as you go and try features before a long-term, company wide commitment.

4. Keeping data secure is priority number one.

Customers leverage our cloud via geographically distributed data centers, connecting to the same fault tolerant equipment leveraged by Platform28’s Tier1 Telco carrier customers.

Build your custom enterprise solution for true growth.


Customers will never hit zero again.

Auto Attendant is your customer’s guide to get them to the person who can help.

Platform28 Auto Attendant offers a dial-by-name directory and is a feature of the platform’s voice-enabled IVR. This ‘automated receptionist’ provides callers with a professional greeting and routing options that allow them to reach the correct destination the first time, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Platform28 Auto Attendant offers flexible routing options such as:
  • Dial by name
  • Dial by extension
  • Dial to reach groups/queues
  • Escapes to Operator
  • After hours and holiday hours routing.

Auto Attendant allows calls to be accurately routed to geographically distributed and mobile workers, too.

Your customers want to talk to real people, Auto Attendant connects them to the right ones.


Accuracy is everything, route calls fast and to the right people.

Intelligent Call Routing stops wasting your customer’s valuable time and gets them to the person they are looking for pronto.

Platform28 Intelligent Call Routing ensures the highest degree of accuracy in allocating inbound calls to the right agent at the right time. Pre-defined parameters can be set to enable the contact center solution to automatically route calls to the right agents, at the right time regardless of the agents’ location – especially important in the case of work at home agents.

Platform28 Call Routing supports:
  • Both plain or Hybrid (Queues + Skills) operation
  • Shared-agent pools
  • Allows fine-grained control in shared-agent pool scenarios.

Organizations can prioritize calls based on the length of time spent in a queue to ensure fair servicing of queues, resulting in improved customer experience.

Increase agent utilization and ROI with Platform28 Intelligent Call Routing.


Manage your agents and stay compliant.

Call Recording boosts quality assurance and helps with professional development.

Recording interactions can play a vital part in ensuring both regulatory compliance and quality management for organizations. Platform28 data security and interaction archiving features ensure all recorded interactions are safely stored for a minimum of 90 days, with optional flexible storage to meet an organization’s specific requirements.

Recording options are completely customizable:
  • Record every interaction, or set the feature to record only specific ones.
  • Redundancy and high availability options allow for 24/7 functionality if an organization requires every interaction be recorded.
  • Platform28 recording comes with robust data security features such as SSL and two-factor authentication to ensure customer data is well protected.

Take them to the next level — Call Recording elevates your CEX agents performance.


Your customer expects help from wherever they are.

Wherever you are shouldn’t be a stumbling block, Unified Messaging helps you deliver world class CEX.

Platform28’s Unified Messaging services provides an array of services to help businesses effectively expand their networks while controlling controlling cost and managing return on investments. Choose one, just the couple you need, or bundle them all together—whatever makes the best sense for your business needs.

Platform28’s Unified Messaging offers Professional Answering Service, One Number, Follow-Me, Fax, 
Message Forwarding, 
One Central Message Inbox, On The Road Response, 
Message Notification, Reservationless Conferencing, Long Distance, 
Call Transfer and
 Call Whisper.

1. Incorporate Fax capabilities directly into your PBX.

No more managing different services and making sure information gets to the right agent. Platform28 can direct faxes by teams or queues as wells as sorting and storing features.

2. Make sure every call is answered.

With unified messaging, locations and agents can chose simultaneous or sequential ring orders.

3. Empower agents to work closely with customers.

Unified Messaging lets you assign agents dircet-dial numbers and voicemail boxes.

4. Conferencing services can be bundled with unified messaging, dropping different service providers.

Platform28’s conferencing tool is reservationless—never get stuck with a busy conference line again.

Unified Messaging: easy to deploy and manage, for one feature or for all.


With Business Continuity you’ll never need to run in “emergency” mode.

When everything you do is built around Carrier Grade 100% availability, continuity is a given.

Using our Platform is like having access to thousands of back up generators that are always running and ready to fire up in a split instance. We say it and mean it here: No downtime ever — planned or unplanned.

Platform28 delivers business continuity features to organizations with the most demanding uptime requirements: government agencies, including emergency services, enterprise customers with 24×7 response times, and telcos.

Our multiple geographically diverse data centers, with N+1 architecture to ensure redundancy within and between centers, so scale up, scale down and never worry. And that means your business is up and running always: 24/7/365. Platform28 maintains real-time high speed syncing with dynamic routing and distribution rules.

At Platform28, we’ve had no breach in SLAs for over 5 years — continuity is a guiding principle.