Integration is engineered into everything we do.

Representational State Transfer (REST) API is built for the Cloud and is the engine that makes integration easy.

Our software is designed to work perfectly in the Cloud because it is engineered at it’s foundation with the same design principles that built the cloud itself.

Our natively designed Cloud architecture features full and open REST API (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface) infrastructure.

REST API allows for communication between our software and any other business productivity software that your business requires.


Your BI Dashboard is born from our near-effortless REST API integration architecture.

Plus, integration with CRM tools and other applications, software, and mediums across format (Mobile web vs. your laptop or desktop) drives the kind of Business Intelligence and Data Visualization that will help your agents understand your customers better than ever, and that means world-class CEX.

Check out our BI (Business Intelligence) Infographic to see exactly how taking an analytical approach to customer service changes everything.

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Why pay for development and customizations when something already exists that will cater to your needs?

So you may be thinking that any programmer can do that with enough time. In this world, that is true, but time and significant dollars invested to build something proprietary for no apparent reason, isn’t the answer. REST API is the the socket waiting to be connected with proprietary APIs that already exist to amplify your connectivity to existing platforms and programs that will fulfill your needs. We don’t need the secret code (literally) to work on the connection,with REST API we allow access for developers to our data and build communication tools between our software and other business tools.

The best functionality delivered through REST API allows for infinite growth, connection and superior engagement.

The World’s Best Architecture

Some thinking on how we are different by design. Cloud computing, enterprise cloud system or just plain Cloud, unless you’ve been purposefully avoiding any information technology, the IT Cloud has hit your radar. However, from the backend perspective this current push to the Cloud seems to have put elegant design on the back-burner. Platform 28 is here to put … Continue reading The World’s Best Architecture

By Mark Ruggles, Platform28