Our Contact Center solution helps deliver World-Class CEX that meets your SLAs.

Platform28 provides enterprise customers, government agencies and telcos with a unified, scalable and multichannel cloud contact center solution.

We are redefining Communication as a Service (CaaS) with a feature-rich platform to serve your CEX team.

With features such as fully functional Call Recording, Speech Analytics, Dynamic Queue Configurations, Skills, Team and Agent assignment options, Call Monitoring, and Outbound capabilities like Automated Dialing and Click-to-call from any application or site, Platform28 Contact Center helps organizations deliver exceptional customer service and meet SLAs.

Platform28 features an Administrative Dashboard with our unique Performance Index (PI) on every screen. The PI delivers real-time critical business intelligence at-a-glance, and alerts stakeholders to potential issues so they can make immediate changes to the platform, get operations back on track, and restore business performance. In addition to the PI, Platform28 exposes more features and functions in the interface that are typically hard-coded in other provider’s solutions. This accessibility makes adds, changes and deletions quicker and easier and reduces IT dependency.

Business Intelligence

You want a true 360 degree view of your customer. Our REST API enabled analytics, data viz dashboard and reporting tools will help your team understand how to connect to your customer and understand their needs.


Our cloud-based architecture allows us to scale horizontally, without major IT hardware capital costs. So when you need more capacity, the Platform28 cloud helps your business match demand and scale — quickly.


Our REST API architecture lets all of your programs talk to each so that your business can serve your clients the way they expect. Integrate your CRM — Salesforce, or anything — with Platform28 and watch productivity soar.

Distributed Architecture

Our 100% carrier grade architecture makes downtime — planned or unplanned — a thing of the past. Never go down, never lose time, never lose business. Connect to multiple, synchronous servers with all your data at your fingertips.


Platform 28 Extensible Security keeps personal data personal while allowing temporary access to boost CEX

No private data is ever stored locally

All data processed by our platform is tokenized: broken apart, jumbled, and replaced with “non-sensitive equivalents”. With your clients’ sensitive data scattered and piecemeal it is of no use to anyone. The tokenized data is also then encrypted for extra level of security.

Plus, with Platform28 data centers, we offer a powerful data separation environment, where personal data is shared across several dedicated servers and is Always Active and accessible by your business with REST API. This works for dynamic or contextual data collected in-route while a customer interact with your IVR or specialists. In each of these cases the data simply uses the pipes we build to funnel the tokens separately, coming back together only to reveal pertinent info by right or privilege.

The important things to remember about Platform28 Extensible Security are:
  • Data processed through our software is not only tokenized (broken apart) and made hack-proof, it’s shielded by even more security measures.
  • PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is never actually housed within our software.
  • Information is collected, routed, used, and then it passes through our systems like it was never there.
  • The data is never actually stored together, if at all, and is simply accessed to help Customer Service Agents do their job optimally.

Platform28 Extensible Security will change your opinion of how secure the cloud can be.


Speech Analytics adds that layer of information you need to make more informed decisions.

Quickly identify key words and phrases. Search them. Then take action!

What will Platform28 Speech Analytics deliver for you?

Platform28 Speech Analytics is a critical component of customer satisfaction. The solution captures critical business intelligence from every call and helps ensure business and legal compliance. When used in combination with Platform28’s other components such as quality monitoring and agent scorecards, Speech Analytics helps pinpoint cost drivers, trends, and opportunities.

The feature is cost effective to implement and easy to deploy:

  • Configurable to your unique needs, requirements and specifications —record, monitor and analyze what you need, when you need it.
  • Optimize operations while maximizing customer satisfaction by combining with other Platform28 features

Help them protect their customer satisfaction ratings and provide world-class CEX.


Automatic Call Distributor gets your customers to those that can help — quickly.

Prioritization and call management reduces hold times.

Platform28 ACD helps make the necessary decisions to quickly move calls and get customers the assistance they need. Depending on the call requirements, routing can be skills-based, variable-based, or fully customizable to serve your business. Speaking with the right person the first time around builds customer confidence, and maximizes CEX.

Users can makes changes to ACD in real time, depending on customer requirements and success metrics. Imagine, customers speaking to the right person, at the right time, and spreading the message of superior customer service.

Help them protect their customer satisfaction ratings and provide world-class CEX.


Customer service doesn’t stop or start with a phone call.

Multichannel Routing helps you connect with your customer from wherever they are.

For Multichannel Routing, target service is key. Taking into account customer communication preferences and sending them directly to agents who can help is the winner. Today’s customer knows above all else that their time is incredibly valuable and spending it waiting around isn’t good business sense. A company looking to interact with customers on their terms will deliver enhanced customer engagement.

Multichannel Routing, paired with CRM application integration will give your business up-to-date information on customer and on how to best drive customer satisfaction. We are built to integrate with anything with an API, including of course:

Providing the most up-to-date customer information to agents for superior customer service also means having a bird’s eye view of customers interactions with the company across all channels. With a notated customer communication preference and CRM integration, we help you have 360° views of the customer habits, needs and channels.

Multichannel Routing creates efficient customer service from any channel they prefer


Agent Desktop – Equip your people with the best tools.

Streamlined agent interactions give your business the upper hand.

Here’s the Norm: Agents have ten or more applications running simultaneously, delivering a broad range of functionality, to serve customers. But talk about a drain on efficiency! Meet Platform28’s Agent Desktop, a one-stop-shop tool that increases agent productivity by providing easy access to comprehensive customer information. The Desktop delivers a faster way for agents to handle multichannel communications.

High Performance, built-in tools

  • With a large range of call center capabilities for both agents and supervisors, Agent Desktop offers supervisors valuable real-time statistics that enable them to closely monitor operations and ensure SLAs are being met.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and REST API Internet Integration

  • The newly redesigned CTI solution features improved aesthetics, better UI and optimizes the available space on the desktop’s window. The Agent desktop software contains a REST API Server that allows desktop level integration with web pages and web applications. This integration gives access to nearly any data available.

Platform28 Agent desktop is easy to deploy, configure and manage, and offers seamless integration with third party systems. Reduce IT dependence and still work with high-level Information technology.

ACD is easy to deploy and effectively manages complex contact center environments.


Be proactive — reach out to your customer.

Outbound Dialing makes TCPA compliance easy.

Increase sales and increase conversions, plus have more with more live conversations to proactively help your customers or sell more of your products.

TCPA rules have changed the landscape of outbound calling to consumers.

Maintaining a strict separation between automated dialing and manual calling solutions is at the heart of Platform 28’s TCPA and CFPB compliant system.

  • Failsafe manual calling technology
  • Manual type match for phone numbers- dial only when numbers match
  • Increase agent productivity by eliminating misdials.

Outbound Dialing — increase agent productivity and stay TCPA compliant.


With Business Continuity you’ll never need to run in “emergency” mode.

When everything you do is built around Carrier Grade 100% availability, continuity is a given.

Using our Platform is like having access to thousands of back up generators that are always running and ready to fire up in a split instance. We say it and mean it here: No downtime ever — planned or unplanned.

Platform28 delivers business continuity features to organizations with the most demanding uptime requirements: government agencies, including emergency services, enterprise customers with 24×7 response times, and telcos.

Our multiple geographically diverse data centers, with N+1 architecture to ensure redundancy within and between centers, so scale up, scale down and never worry. And that means your business is up and running always: 24/7/365. Platform28 maintains real-time high speed syncing with dynamic routing and distribution rules.

At Platform28, we’ve had no breach in SLAs for over 5 years — continuity is a guiding principle.


They reach out from everywhere, support your agents.

Multichannel Monitoring provides the right tools to ensure your agents’ success.

When it comes to developing your agents, it’s important to assess and support everything they do. Our Platform28 Quality Monitoring tools provide the perfect view into their world:
  • Real-time monitoring is available to listen and gauge the tenor of a call, measure response time and define and set any of 100s of KPIs
  • Multichannel Recording is also available to look for nuance, collect facts and or define next level objectives

The real-time monitoring ability of Platform28 allows supervisors and managers to monitor agents’ multichannel customer interactions – whether they are calls, emails, SMS etc. If desired, supervisors or managers can whisper to the agent, without the caller being aware of the interaction. Supervisors can also barge-in to the call, provide guidance or help diffuse a difficult call to prevent it from escalating.

Plus with Multichannel Recording you can record any channel to help mitigate risk and elevate your agents game.

Take your Customer Service Professionals to the next level with Platform28


Strive for true consistency in customer support.

Through the best in class QA tools you can better understand your customers needs.

Platform28 provides comprehensive Quality Assurance. Including tools for real-time and post-call QA.

The post-call QA modules allow individuals with the appropriate access levels to view and listen to recordings.
  • Perform agent calibration and QA from one place
  • Create custom scorecard for reporting.
  • Create multiple scorecards assign them to Queues, Customers, or Teams, allowing flexibility in an organization’s QA process.

At Platform28 we believe strongly in the principles of Multi-Tenancy for cloud-computing. With a multitenant architecture, we provide every tenant (Agent, Manager, Supervisor, etc.) a dedicated share or view into our software, allowing us to set proper access privileges and rights to the right level of employee. This base architecture is the cornerstone of how we manage, monitor and enhance quality.

We give you the tools to make Quality Assurance easy, productive and actionable.


Manage your growing team smartly to save time and money.

Ramp up and down seasonally with optimal Workforce Management tools.

Platform28 Workforce Management is a comprehensive solution that includes forecasting, scheduling to the forecasted staffing requirements, and efficient placement of breaks, lunches, meetings and other activities. Other activities such as coaching, training and paperwork can be automatically allocated to each agent during the periods with the highest staffing buffer.

The platform provides comprehensive reports in multiple formats. The system can account for time spent in queue, IVR, call routing as well as chat-logs in the forecasting algorithm. The platform allows interval call counts to be aggregated to the start of calls, the end of calls or to the sum of answered and abandoned calls.

1. Flexible Scheduling Maximizes Resources
  • Schedules resources in proportion to forecasted demand
  • Choose between consistent schedules, variable schedules or a mix of the two.
  • Automatically shrink or expand schedules to match the forecast according to multiple what if scenarios.
2. Agent Scheduling In Action.
  • Better understand what your agents are doing both in real-time and with historical relevance
  • Monitor performance throughout the day and understand what works and what does not.
  • Workforce management has live data from all IVRs, queues, and call routing

Workforce Management controls costs, minimizes compliance risk and improves productivity.