Smarter BI Simplifies Your Ability to Deliver Awesome CEX.

Get to know your consumers better than ever or have a more meaningful view of operations — that’s what Smarter BI delivers.

Ultra Contextual and Highly Customizable

Our Business Intelligence empowers your agents to know more and serve your customers better than ever before.

Platform28 provides a best-in-class and wholly comprehensive self-serve Back-Office BI and reporting experience. Our Smarter BI dashboard is built to present only relevant data each user has been given the access to view.

Agents, supervisors, managers, site managers, and business users can access and modify dashboards to create data viz of specific and selected customer data and performance metrics. Simply set permission or access privileges and give anyone a window into specific performance.

We provide approximately 300 KPIs

Run our dashboard or build reports against each: user, queue, IVR, phone number, location, team and customer.

Set your KPI’S and dream up new ones by using the dashboard and reporting, your Agency will have complete-real-time visibility into the performance of the contact center, hold times, handle times, agent availability, call volume, etc. at all times with hundreds more KPI visualizations at your command.

In addition, the Business Intelligence dashboards and reporting can be integrated by Platform28 to 3rd party data sources, including business systems such as mainframes and CRMs, so that you can display aggregate data from the HCC and external data source.

Historical reporting has four general areas of functionality:

  • Reporting Categories: General categories from which detailed reports can be accessed, including Agents, Queues, ICRs, and Campaigns
  • Custom Reports: Access a standard or shared report and customize it to create a unique view for historical analysis.
  • Reports Within a Category: Users can access Queue Efficiency Reports, Queue Volume Reports, Queue Service Level Reports, etc
  • Reports Shared with You: Users can have custom reports shared by others within an organization such as supervisors, administrators, and executives.

Fully configurable, our dashboard offers over 100 ways to visualize data

Infographic – 8 Ways Business Intelligence Will Transform Your Contact Center

Platform28 Smarter BI Simplifies Your Ability to Deliver Awesome CEX At Platform28, our Business Intelligence is designed to empower your agents, inform supervisors and enable leadership to make decisions that will help your company thrive and provide the kind of customer experience everyone expects. We built this infographic of best practices on why your contact … Continue reading Infographic – 8 Ways Business Intelligence Will Transform Your Contact Center

By Sasha Gorman, Platform28