The World’s Best Architecture

By Mark Ruggles, Platform28 on December 15, 2014

Some thinking on how we are different by design.

Cloud computing, enterprise cloud system or just plain Cloud, unless you’ve been purposefully avoiding any information technology, the IT Cloud has hit your radar. However, from the backend perspective this current push to the Cloud seems to have put elegant design on the back-burner. Platform 28 is here to put an end to that paradigm.

We believe that beautiful, native cloud software design is why we succeed and others fail. Simplicity, often a foremost design principle, particularly of user experience is too oft put aside for functionality in the Cloud. But with Platform28 we value UX, and  want our software to work optimally for those ready for the Cloud. Everything we do is designed to reside there. We expect to inspire the same confidence through our software as renowned designers do and have done across all forms of media to people all over the world.

I recently stumbled on this quote from Charles Eames, designer of legendary chairs and home and office interiors, and it rang bells with everything we try to achieve here at Platform28. Eames said: “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.”

Think about the beautiful buildings of the world, the Eiffel Towers, the Rockefeller Centers and Falling Waters; the curvilinear Gehrys, the absolutely modern Mies van der Rohes and glass masterpieces of Rem Koolhaus.  These are buildings that make people go WOW, and all of them started with defined purpose. Take the Guggenheim museum in New York City by the great Frank Lloyd Wright, world-renowned architect. He designed the Guggenheim for the sole purpose of helping people better interact with the art they view as they view it. The spiral that goes through the entire building, a ramp actually, guides visitors but never tells them exactly where to go. Think about it: the actual walking paradigm of true user engagement.

This is not unlike our platform. Software that is architected for the Cloud from the very start follows the same principles that the world’s best superstructures do — it is created for its particular purpose: to optimize experience in the Cloud. Our software is designed to work perfectly with the Cloud because it was created to be in the Cloud. Just as purpose-built to our natively designed Cloud architecture is its full and open REST API (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface) infrastructure.

REST API is our completely open foundational design architecture for everything we do. It’s the foundation on which our native Cloud environment is designed, completely open with integration abilities to allow full use. Just as a building must have a strong foundation, software follows the same pattern. Our API allows for communication between our software and any other business productivity software that your business requires. Imagine a place where everything communicates without the need for tons of new programming each time. It’s the beauty of REST API architecture.

Thanks to REST API, we’ve solved integration and scalability challenges that others in our field struggle to achieve.

Let’s discuss Integration first. Our software can communicate with ANY other software that your business might be using. So you may be thinking, “well, any programmer can do that with enough time.”  Actually, that’s usually not true at all. Without access to the proprietary software application, there isn’t much a developer can do for you. They will not have access to the code to work on the connection, but with REST API we allow access for developers to our data and build communication tools between our software and other business tools. Elegant design in motion.

Now think about Scalability. You want your businesses to get bigger and more profitable. Yet when you think about what is holding you back from those two goals, technology is always a factor. If you aren’t working in the Cloud, growth and expansion might require huge capital purchases of hardware. Also, if you aren’t working with Platform 28, growth of your database might take a while. But imagine this, at the drop of a hat, your database is infinitely scalable — whether you need to increase capacity or decrease it.

In fact, we take our own medicine every day at Platform28: everything we do using REST API for our clients, we do internally to run our own business systems.

The flexibility provided by having access to our open architecture of REST API is what makes Platform 28 design unbeatable. While others are struggling to allow their clients open and unfettered communication between their software and other 3rd party business-vital software, we understand that it’s one of the most important pieces of modern business. We like to think about it as the main support beam in the design. So we open our application programming interface for your use; and therefore our platform is that much more useful to you and your clients.

So like the famous designers and architects of history, we design our database architecture with the same sense of design purpose spoken about by Eames. We saw a need for something different and knew that people wanted to see it too. We weren’t afraid of competition or people telling us that we were doing it wrong, or telling us it will never work. We believe this approach is the only and best path forward, a singular common trait held by the great artists, designers, architects and creative practitioners of history.

The point is, the most beautiful, admired, visited, and praised structures in the world were all designed for a specific purpose in mind. The best functionality delivered through REST API allows for infinite growth, connection and superior engagement. This is indeed elegant design. Technology is no longer getting in the way of your business growth, but, as proven by everything we do at Platform28, is purposefully designed the right way to help your business grow and move forward, elegantly.

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