How Will Your Customers Engage in 2020?

By admin, Platform28 on October 19, 2016

We don’t know. Do you? You most likely have a good idea about where customer engagement channels are going, but none of us can perfectly predict the future. For a long, long time, if you wanted customer service, you picked up the phone. What you got on the other end of the phone evolved from a human being every time to an on-hold message to an IVR to an intelligent IVR. Then came the internet, email, chat, and social media…all in the last 20 years.

The Way It’s Always Been

To address these ever-changing channels, enterprises selecting, deploying and maintaining customer engagement solutions have traditionally had two options:

  1. Traditional premise-based providers – These providers offered scale and reliability using generally closed systems, requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars in professional services to integrate 3rd party solutions or adapt their solutions to changing requirements.
  2. Newer hosted and cloud contact center solutions – These solutions offer more flexibility by including APIs, but generally limit scale and flexibility.

Where will it go next?

Again, we don’t know. Maybe all of your customers will engage through Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts or Skype or Chat Bots! So, do you start building now for how you think your customers might engage you in 3, 4, 5 years? We’ll leave that decision to you; however, we will take on the role of providing the platform on which you will engage your customers today and in 2020 and beyond.

Flexible & Scalable At Once

We do that today, and will do it tomorrow, by providing a flexible platform on which we (or you or we and you) can build and expand and add to your current customer engagement tools and channels. In other words, we’re providing a platform that future-proofs your customer engagement strategy. Our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is here today so you can build for tomorrow.

Change Is Inevitable

First, you know the method and channels through which your customers are going to engage you is going to change. That much is true. What devices they’ll use, what software, what channels, and what method they will use is still inside that crystal ball. Will they type, talk, use speech-to-text…or emojis? We don’t know yet, and it doesn’t matter today.

Second, you know change is difficult and takes time and money. Translated into customer engagement, that means that once you get your customer agents trained and comfortable utilizing the best tools for your brand, it’s not fun, easy, or cheap to change those tools. We don’t yet know what tools they’ll need yet, and it doesn’t matter today.

Today’s Decision

What does matter today is the decision you make this year that will – or won’t – allow you to adjust to whatever means and methods your customers want to use to engage your brand and what tools your agents will be using to best engage your customers. Adopting a scalable, flexible platform on which you can build out whatever new tools for whatever new channels come along is the wise choice for the future.

That’s what we’ve built just for you. Contact us for a demo.

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