Unified Messaging


Your customer expects help from wherever they are.

Wherever you are shouldn’t be a stumbling block, Unified Messaging helps you deliver world class CEX.

Platform28’s Unified Messaging services provides an array of services to help businesses effectively expand their networks while controlling controlling cost and managing return on investments. Choose one, just the couple you need, or bundle them all together—whatever makes the best sense for your business needs.

Platform28’s Unified Messaging offers Professional Answering Service, One Number, Follow-Me, Fax, 
Message Forwarding, 
One Central Message Inbox, On The Road Response, 
Message Notification, Reservationless Conferencing, Long Distance, 
Call Transfer and
 Call Whisper.

1. Incorporate Fax capabilities directly into your PBX.

No more managing different services and making sure information gets to the right agent. Platform28 can direct faxes by teams or queues as wells as sorting and storing features.

2. Make sure every call is answered.

With unified messaging, locations and agents can chose simultaneous or sequential ring orders.

3. Empower agents to work closely with customers.

Unified Messaging lets you assign agents dircet-dial numbers and voicemail boxes.

4. Conferencing services can be bundled with unified messaging, dropping different service providers.

Platform28’s conferencing tool is reservationless—never get stuck with a busy conference line again.

Unified Messaging: easy to deploy and manage, for one feature or for all.

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