The Right Tools Can Positively Impact Contact Center Operations, Boost Efficiency

By admin, Platform28 on September 4, 2013

Operating in an efficient and cost-effective manner has never been more important – particularly in today’s hyper competitive business environment. Organizations must not only ensure they are using their resources in the most productive manner, but also in a way that has the most positive impact on their customers.

For instance, the ability to quickly and easily monitor and understand contact center traffic and activity in an effort to respond accordingly plays a critical role in successfully addressing customer needs.

There are many technology solutions aimed at improving visibility into contact center operations, but not all tools are created equally. While many systems provide a view through a dashboard into call center activities, some solutions may only make life more complicated for the user. For example, systems comprised of multiple flat screen monitors displaying dozens of graphs provide a dazzling array of technology, but often result in information overload. Rather than immediately helping to tackle problems, it instead takes time to decipher the many pieces of information from these systems, identify issues and then address how to handle them.

Whether witnessing callers experiencing extended waiting times in a phone queue, seeing a spike in callers hanging up the phone while using an IVR-based system, or simply staffing agents in the most logical places based on incoming phone traffic, the ability to quickly distill the right information to best understand a situation is a prerequisite to success. The optimal level of visibility can help provide a simple (yes, no or maybe) answer to an issue through a single screen, allowing an organization to not only understand potential issues but also react as needed.

When tied to the right level of visibility, utilizing performance indicators plays an additional and significant role in the long-term success of an organization’s call center health. While Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have long been the norm for assessing and better understanding how well an organization is performing within a specified area, not every organization faces the same challenges or has the same set of needs. For that reason, customization, by role and priority, ensures only the most important KPIs are the focus of attention.

Customizing thresholds to best address a specific organization’s needs and monitor its health is a must. Customized alerts provide users with a view into potential hotbed issues so immediate changes can be made to meet operational and business performance requirements, leading to greater productivity, efficiency and responsiveness to customers.
Employing such a “Performance Index” also enables a quick glance at real-time critical business intelligence through a single interface. Additionally, business analytics, including standard reporting, customizable reports, call recording and scorecards, are crucial for complete visibility across a company.

By using a system that aggregates performance data and provides simple indicators available on one screen, a clear picture is provided into whether operations are normal or if there are issues that need to be addressed based on yellow or red alerts. Because this simplified approach offers a quick at-a-glance view of activities across a call center, it reduces the number of people required to monitor call center happenings. Such a system can also help shrink IT expenses. Information provided through the right platform enables less technical employees to understand if there are business issues impacting a call center’s effectiveness. Armed with details, these employees can take the corrective action to best handle pressing business needs, more easily create certain applications and involve IT when required.

Equally important to an efficient and cost-effective call center is the ability to generate activity reports in real-time. This enables organizations to monitor trends and better understand any actions that must be taken immediately to continue to deliver the best service to customers. If activity reports cannot be generated until hours or days after an incident, such as a natural disaster, the information ultimately provides little value in terms of properly staffing or taking actions that can positively impact the situation.
The right level of visibility, customized thresholds developed for Key Performance Indicators and access to real-time reports all play a significant role in the operation of world-class contact center. By employing the best-designed platform, organizations of all sizes can make quick decisions based on real-time data and run their contact centers as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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