Best Practices in the Contact Center: Three Ways Technology Improves Customer Engagement

By admin, Platform28 on April 24, 2014

How do you connect with your customers? Do you have insight into what each customer needs so you can not only meet their expectations, but also predict them? When it comes down to it, we work hard at becoming more customer-centric – our people and process decisions become more and more defined by customer expectations so that we can achieve success in this area. This will continue to be the primary focus for most organizations when it comes to customer engagement. But does technology play a role in customer engagement? You bet! We’ve boiled it down to three ways.

1. The Crystal Ball

Business intelligence (BI) and the technology that delivers it has created a true crystal ball for companies to get a complete view of the most mission-critical information in a simplified format. Decision makers at every level can see the health of the organization and help improve operations for more productive, efficient and responsive activities that meet customer demands.

In addition to big-picture decisions based on BI, you can:

  • Define and configure data that directly relates to analyzing customer engagement.
  • Determine customer activity and interaction levels across multiple platforms and channels of contact with your organization.
  • Capture and analyze survey reports for trend analysis and action planning.
  • Determine success with customer engagement initiatives at the team, management, location or division level so that there can be a more widespread adoption of best practices.

All of these adjustments come from “simple” data analysis. It hasn’t always been simple, though now we are seeing increasingly more simplified views of BI, both in traditional formats and mobile BI solutions.

2. The Litmus Test

In chemistry, a litmus test determines whether a solution is acidic or basic. I think that just about summarizes the two primary categories of any given customer interaction, don’t you? Customer interactions can either be acidic (harsh, sharp, potentially gone bad) or basic (necessary, essential, vital). So what is the “litmus paper” in the customer engagement experiment? Well on the technological side, we think that is speech analytics. Having the ability to interact with customers in a way that recognizes and analyzes speech patterns to help capture and categorize customer moods, responses, needs, requests and behaviors can complete the ultimate litmus test to gauge the success of your customer engagement factor.

According to, “globally, the speech analytics market is estimated to grow from $456 million in 2014 to $1.33 billion in 2019 and fuels the growing usage of voice technologies across industries.” Their recent blog points out four voice recognition solutions that can help increase customer engagement – specifically for banks, but certainly applicable on a broad spectrum.

  • Voice biometrics – “voiceprint” as a fingerprint for customer and company security
  • Speech recognition – understanding customer voice commands to execute transactions
  • Voice assistant – automated smartphone application to process transactions
  • Audio mining (the litmus test) – identify keywords and phrases from customer interactions to gain insight into needs, level of satisfaction, cross-selling or even issue escalation

3. The Shape of Your Cloud

What does the cloud have to do with customer engagement? Well, customers demand a connected, continuous, collaborative method of interacting with the solutions they purchase and the businesses that serve them. Cloud computing enables businesses to scale up and down with the pace of business and unify multi-channel communication systems without installing a significant IT infrastructure and taking on huge capital expenses. Accessibility and flexibility is the name of the game in the cloud – which enables changes in direction that help you meet customer needs in the most personalized ways possible. The sky is the limit for customer engagement when your technology platform is as capable of moving and changing as your business requires.

One Last Thing

Joseph Pine, a writer, consultant and thought leader, filmed a TED Talk years ago, titled, “What consumers want.” In it, he states that, “experiences are becoming the predominant economic offering” for modern consumers. As a broader discussion, he states that customers want to feel what they buy is authentic and it is up to businesses to render authenticity.

While technology continues to expand in new and unexpected ways that support and improve customer engagement, we must not lose sight of the genuine, real-live-person connection that helps to solidify the overall customer experience as engaging and valuable to the modern consumer. Nobody said it was going to be as easy as 1-2-3!

Wanting more? Check back next week as we continue with the top 10 ways technology improves customer engagement via our Knowledge Center.  

About the Author: Alexandra Warner is the VP of Marketing at Platform28, a robust Communications-as-a-Service provider for the enterprise. Since 2001, Platform28 has been helping government agencies, enterprise and US Tier 1 carriers streamline their communications, drive business efficiency, and deliver an excellent customer experience.
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