Platform 28 Extensible Security keeps personal data personal while allowing temporary access to boost CEX

No private data is ever stored locally

All data processed by our platform is tokenized: broken apart, jumbled, and replaced with “non-sensitive equivalents”. With your clients’ sensitive data scattered and piecemeal it is of no use to anyone. The tokenized data is also then encrypted for extra level of security.

Plus, with Platform28 data centers, we offer a powerful data separation environment, where personal data is shared across several dedicated servers and is Always Active and accessible by your business with REST API. This works for dynamic or contextual data collected in-route while a customer interact with your IVR or specialists. In each of these cases the data simply uses the pipes we build to funnel the tokens separately, coming back together only to reveal pertinent info by right or privilege.

The important things to remember about Platform28 Extensible Security are:
  • Data processed through our software is not only tokenized (broken apart) and made hack-proof, it’s shielded by even more security measures.
  • PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is never actually housed within our software.
  • Information is collected, routed, used, and then it passes through our systems like it was never there.
  • The data is never actually stored together, if at all, and is simply accessed to help Customer Service Agents do their job optimally.

Platform28 Extensible Security will change your opinion of how secure the cloud can be.

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