Platform28: Cloud Contact Center for the Enterprise

By Tim Anderson, Platform28 on December 5, 2016

Over the last 24 months there’s been a significant change in cloud contact center adoption, with enterprise-size organizations creating a fast growing market segment. While smaller businesses seemed to move earlier to the cloud, risk-averse enterprises have seen the light and are switching. This is an interesting and rapid change. And as a ‘true cloud’ provider, primarily delivering services to large customers (including enterprises, large service providers and telcos) it’s been an exciting time.

So what are the benefits to enterprise customers of being truly “in the cloud”.

  • Focus – Eliminating on-premise hardware, software, telco and refocusing the teams that managed those solutions allows IT departments to streamline and provide significant improvements in the services they provide.
  • Save money – Cloud solutions are typically less expensive over time as the provider is responsible for all infrastructure, maintenance and upgrade costs.
  • Rapid innovation to provide the experience your customers actually want – True cloud solutions provide the ability to design your solution the way that best serves your customers.
  • Protecting yourself and your customers – With a cloud solution, enterprises don’t have to worry about staying up to date on security laws and staying ahead of the bad guys. That is done by the cloud provider.
  • Systems always on – Cloud providers will have multiple locations providing redundancy of hardware and networks. Enterprises would potentially have spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to have the same protection against weather, natural disasters, and hardware failure
  • Fewer headaches – Let someone else manage the IT personnel, maintenance, upgrades, network optimization, etc while you focus on what you do best


Platform28 was originally built to deliver cloud contact solutions to the Enterprise.  We continue to innovate, improving user interfaces, real-time data feeds, and BI tools, as well as allowing our customers introduce innovations like deep learning and bots.  We are dedicated to creating an intuitive agent experience and a flexible, customizable tool for the business user.  We originally planned for issues of scale, security and consistency.  

Our competitors have been focused on transitioning their systems from premise-based to the cloud – dragging legacy customers, complex integrations and hardware dependencies with them.

We’ve never faced those challenges in the cloud. As we grow and improve on a daily basis, our history and track record in the cloud market gives us a credibility that many Enterprises are seeking.  We are proud of our 100% customer retention and work everyday to improve our platform to grow our business while maintaining the customers that have gotten us where we are today.   

For Platform28, the pieces have been in place from the beginning and as enterprises evaluate us, they are able to quickly see how our CaaS and PaaS services, and deep enterprise cloud experience, will help them immediately.  

We continue to expand the ability of our product by increasing the flexibility of our omni channel solutions to switch from channel to channel seamlessly. We are focussed on improving and expanding our databases to maintain our ability to grow and meet the needs of all businesses. We are also continuously investing to ensure a completely secure environment with the ever changing threats companies face.

Some of the main reasons enterprise businesses choose us are:

  • Built for the cloud – Unlike many call center solutions, Platform28 is able to provide the flexibility that companies need in a pure cloud environment.
  • Ability to implement and communicate with multiple tools – Platform28’s API’s allow us to integrate with home grown and off the shelf software (WFM, CRM, etc).
  • Flexibility to meet multiple business needs – Each business has their own specific requirements that a call center solution should be able to meet. Because of Platform28’s unique development, we are able to adapt to almost anything a business needs from their call center solution
  • Omni channel solution – Platform28 offers everything that a call center needs to interact with and take care of their customers including, email, chat, phone, etc.


Another reason enterprises were hesitant in the past to move to the cloud is due to the large number of legacy solutions they have in place.  Platform28’s architecture allows us to adapt to legacy call center solutions as well as cutting edge technology that companies use to support their customers. This allows a company to change their internal solutions as they see fit without having to worry if it’s going to work with Platform28 which gives peace of mind.

Enterprises looking for a call center solution that meet all of their needs often for less than what they are doing now will find that Platform28 was built with them in mind.

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