Blog Rewind: November Recap on Industry Trends and Technologies

By admin, Platform28 on December 3, 2013

November was a busy month in the Platform28 blog, as we penned our thoughts on industry trends and technologies, best practices and customer service tips. A recap of the articles is below:

  • Today’s Unified Communications: Are You Fully Reachable? – There is a wide array of options out there to help increase the effectiveness of your existing communications platform. Enter Unified Communications. These important tools enable customers to connect with your brand in an effortless fashion – increasing customer engagement.
  • When Empathy Meets Emotion – As part of our new series, “Good Customer Services Practices Applied in the Contact Center,” we take a look at when empathy is applied in contact center interactions, you build better customer relationships and loyalty, which leads to a more productive and profitable contact center.
  • Cloud-Based Platforms: Debunking the “IN-Security” Myth – In this blog, we explore why some companies are hesitant to embrace the cloud, including mitigating security risks in the cloud. Leave risk mitigation to the experts, and avoid allowing the fears of a few prevent your business from fully embracing this innovation.
  • Enterprise Unification: Uniting Diverse Geographies – Why must businesses be geo-redundant? A business may have employees located in separate buildings in different parts of a city, and in regions across the globe, and this can present business continuity challenges. The benefits, however, of flexible work locations, such as employee retention and lower operating costs, are substantial.
  • Five Management Pointers to Increase Visibility and Ensure Success – Kicking off our new series, “Best Practices in the Contact Center,” Platform28 provides recommendations to contact center managers to help achieve their operational objectives. We offer five best practice pointers to ensure success, while reinforcing a company’s brand and increasing customer loyalty.
  • Multi-Channel, Multi-Needy – Picking up a phone may be the most common way for customers to reach a business…or it may not be. What’s for sure is that it is not the only way a customer expects to be able to connect with a brand today. Whether it is live chat, SMS, interactions via fax, email, social media, or using IVR, there are many options for communication, and responsiveness is, as always, critical. How will your business handle the multiple avenues of interaction that are the reality of customer relationships today?
  • Talking Turkey: How Well Does Your Contact Center Support the Retail Insanity that is Black Friday? – November 29, a.k.a. Black Friday, allows consumers to participate in retail madness, which has an uncanny similarity to ‘Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls.’ This opportunity for businesses to enjoy record-breaking sales can also create a multitude of potential issues for the unsuspecting manager of call center operations as they are sitting down to enjoy their turkey with all the trimmings. Make sure your call center is set for success.

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About the Author: Alexandra Warner is the VP of Marketing at Platform28, a robust Communications-as-a-Service provider for the enterprise. Since 2001, Platform28 has been helping government agencies, enterprise and US Tier 1 carriers streamline their communications, drive business efficiency, and deliver an excellent customer experience.
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