Distributed Architecture means instant access and no downtime, planned or otherwise.

Settle for nothing less than carrier grade when it comes to integrating CEX with data accessibility.

Understanding the clear benefits of Distributed Architecture will change your perception of the cloud.

Anything that you store with us is NEVER only in one place. Your data syncs in real time horizontally among many different servers at many different locations run by Platform28. We’ve eliminated the one-to-one ratio that makes your business so vulnerable to downtime. On the slight chance that one server where your data is stored goes down, you won’t even notice. No stoppage, no downtime, and none planned ever.


Never lose access. Never lose data. Be truly always available.

Our system will automatically pull on another server with your most current information and since your information is syncing in real time among many different servers, you don’t lose a thing. If something goes wrong somewhere, you’ll reconnect to another server that has your most up-to-date information available.


Stop losing business because of downtime. Cloud-based, Distributed Architecture is all about uptime.

In a recent survey, businesses said they suffered 14 hours of IT downtime per year (software or hardware).

Half of those said IT outages damage their reputation and 18% described the impact on their reputation as “very damaging.”

Is that something your business can afford?

What does Always Available really mean?

No downtime for you means you are always there to provide your clients the best possible customer service experience:

  • You do not lose money and reputation by being unavailable to your customers when they need you
  • Your business is always up-to-date with the latest business intelligence to serve your clients
  • There is no delayed data, no playing catch up to assist the most important part of your business—your clients
  • Your reputation and satisfaction ratings soars

No other provider in our market uses such a sophisticated distributed database system to ensure that client’s receive the best possible service and after all, your number one priority is to serve your clients needs and assist them to the best of your ability.

What’s wrong with Premised-Based Providers?

Every day we prove that the cloud is the only place to deliver CEX. On-premise servers simply aren’t needed anymore. In fact, here are some clear truths:

  • Scalability is a serious issue – CapEx heavy, when you need a new server, you purchase hardware and install it on premise
  • Designed for single location network integration
  • Enterprise administration and on-premise operational support necessary

With premise-based systems, and other non-distributed cloud systems, if your server goes down, even if you are backed up, you will experience downtime and data loss. Anything from the last sync forward is gone. And to pull up a copy of your information (which is already not current or as useful) takes a significant amount of time and most likely manual transfer work. Can your business afford to lose an entire day of work and data? The answer is no.

The World’s Best Architecture

Some thinking on how we are different by design. Cloud computing, enterprise cloud system or just plain Cloud, unless you’ve been purposefully avoiding any information technology, the IT Cloud has hit your radar. However, from the backend perspective this current push to the Cloud seems to have put elegant design on the back-burner. Platform 28 is here to put … Continue reading The World’s Best Architecture

By Mark Ruggles, Platform28