Business Continuity


With Business Continuity you’ll never need to run in “emergency” mode.

When everything you do is built around Carrier Grade 100% availability, continuity is a given.

Using our Platform is like having access to thousands of back up generators that are always running and ready to fire up in a split instance. We say it and mean it here: No downtime ever — planned or unplanned.

Platform28 delivers business continuity features to organizations with the most demanding uptime requirements: government agencies, including emergency services, enterprise customers with 24×7 response times, and telcos.

Our multiple geographically diverse data centers, with N+1 architecture to ensure redundancy within and between centers, so scale up, scale down and never worry. And that means your business is up and running always: 24/7/365. Platform28 maintains real-time high speed syncing with dynamic routing and distribution rules.

At Platform28, we’ve had no breach in SLAs for over 5 years — continuity is a guiding principle.


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