Auto Attendant


Customers will never hit zero again.

Auto Attendant is your customer’s guide to get them to the person who can help.

Platform28 Auto Attendant offers a dial-by-name directory and is a feature of the platform’s voice-enabled IVR. This ‘automated receptionist’ provides callers with a professional greeting and routing options that allow them to reach the correct destination the first time, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Platform28 Auto Attendant offers flexible routing options such as:
  • Dial by name
  • Dial by extension
  • Dial to reach groups/queues
  • Escapes to Operator
  • After hours and holiday hours routing.

Auto Attendant allows calls to be accurately routed to geographically distributed and mobile workers, too.

Your customers want to talk to real people, Auto Attendant connects them to the right ones.

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